Modeling of space debris

Technogeneous pollution of the outer space is a negative consequence of its practical exploration. As a result, many small-size space debris (SD) were formed, the study of which has became a new area in the classical astronomy. Further outer space exploration requires providing the safety of spacecraft flight on the basis of objective assessment of space environment. The space debris models are applied to solve this problem.

This section is a list of services on modeling SD of various sizes and, particularly, on estimating the consequences of spacecraft collisions with SD. They are designed for professionals, students, post-graduate students and amateurs. The SDPA (Space Debris Prediction and Analysis) model, developed by the author, is used to solve the listed tasks.

Prediction of space debris environment. Example unload (pdf file 297 kb).

List of software

1. The software for constructing the spatial distribution of density for catalogued objects 

2 The software for constructing the statistical characteristics of objects larger than 1 mm 

3. The software for determining the cross-sectional area flux of SD relative to spacecraft on the specified orbit 

4. The software for determining the probability of collision of specified SC with SD of various sizes 

5. The software for estimating the consequences of SC collisions with SD (trial and full version) 

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Additional information on the subject

A brief review of the current state of space debris environment, unload (PDF file, 764 KB).