Below are presented the materials prepared by the author in recent time. They are listed in the chronological order. For acquiring brief information on latest developments, see the appropriate hyperlink.  

December 2018. Paper "The analysis of the photo of Tiangong-1 reentry on Tahiti Island". Download the paper

April 2018. Paper "Cosmonautics day with tears in my eyes" (russian). Download the paper

March, 2018. Paper "Plans and reality" (russian). Download the paper

October, 2017. Reentering spacecraft Molniya 1-44. Download the paper

September, 2017. The new monograph "Stochastic astrodynamic problems. Mathematical methods and solving algorithms", Moscow, 2017, pp 352 is issued.
Download Table of content and Annotation 

July 2017.   The paper Solar synchronous orbit. Prediction of local solar time of the ascending node is prepared for publication. Download abstract. Download full version (Ru)

November 2016. Comments concerning the personal's qualification (Peter Principle). Download the text (rus). 

It was published the paper Solar Flux Forecast on Base of New Method of Optimum Measurements Filtering. See point Publications 114.

April 2016. The monograph Applied mathematics. History of some formulas is prepared for the publication. Download Table of contentDownload Chapter 11

February 2016. Comments concerning the modernization and personnel problems. download full version (ru)

June 2015. Sums of campaign regarding the rogress M 27- M  reentry. download full version

November 2014. How can we increase the accuracy of determination of spacecrafts lifetime? download annotation download full version

June 2014. Determination and prediction of low satellite orbits. Report at the seminar IKI RAN Russian Academy of Science, dedicated to 100- anniversary from the birthday P.E. Elyasberg. Tarusa, June 2014. download

March 2014. Prediction of the space debris spatial distribution on the basis of the evolution equations (Acta Astronautica 100, 2014). download annotation download full version

March 2014. Sad hisory about the space debris (rus) unload

2013. Application of the Method for Optimum Filtering of Measurements for Determination and Prediction of Spacecraft Orbits (Solar System Reseach 2013, Vol 47, No 7). download annotation download full version

November 2013. Determination of the SC GOCE reentry download annotation download full version

October 2013. The book "Modeling space debris" is published download annotation

April 2013. Participation in Sixth European Conference on Space Debris and in 31 IADC session (see "PUBLICATIONS" section)

August 2012. Baykal, Listvyanka. Participation in 9th US/Russian Space Surveillance Workshop (see "PUBLICATIONS" section)

June 2012. Mutual collisions are basic source of formation of small space debris. unload

December 2010. Comments on the modernisation problem in Russia, (rus) unload.